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Denver Web Design Introduction


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KABOOM GROUP offers a complete web site design service from conceptual design to implementation, web hosting and promotion.

Add our super search engine friendly content manager for complete control of your content and search engine position.

The Kaboom Group - Denver web designers - offers a complete web site design service from concept to implementation, web hosting and search engine optimization. Our core group of 5 guys have been a close knit group of techie/arty fary geeks for many years. Our growth as a company only occurs when we find another 'right guy' (or a she-guy).

Getting the right group of people is the only sure fire way to deliver the product your dollars deserve. Strewn across this mightly planet, we have designers here in Denver and Argentina, SEO mega-boffins in eastern Europe, data entry in India, and immense programming expertise here in Denver.

For those of you that want complete editorial control of your web site, and have no web code experience, please check out our CONTENT MANAGER section for more information on our easy to use web updating system. Our custom made web based content management tools can give you total control of your site, allowing you to update all aspects of the site without any technical knowledge whatsoever. We can also automate many search engine optimisation functions.

 Our development team can add interactivity, e-commerce, membership areas, password areas, chat rooms, discussion boards, database stuff, mail mangers, newsletters and more. Mobile friendly - of course


Whether you or your organization requires a static site, a dynamic database solution, membership driven or rich multimedia content, we offer a competitively priced solution, employing the latest design tools and techniques.

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